A bequest is a gift made through your will that directs your estate executor to make a gift from your assets to the person or institution of your choice after you die. Bequests may be used to provide gifts of money, stocks, real estate, or other property such as art or jewelry. When donors leave a bequest to the WVU–Parkersburg Foundation, they can make a generous gift without reducing their current income or giving up ownership of the assets during their lifetime.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts allow you to transfer assets into a separately managed trust that will provide you and/or your beneficiaries with fixed percentage payments for life or for a set period of time. The person who establishes the trust selects the trustee as well as the charities that will receive future distributions. The donor earns a charitable deduction when the assets are transferred to a trust. Upon termination of the trust, the remaining assets are distributed to the charity and will be used for the charitable purpose specified by the donor.

Real Estate

Real estate includes homes, farmland, cabins, commercial buildings, and undeveloped rural property. A current appraisal of the property is needed in order to use it as a charitable gift. Real estate may be given outright, used to fund a charitable remainder trust, or given as a life estate.

Donating a highly appreciated real estate property that otherwise could be a tax burden, can result in tax advantages similar to those from giving appreciated securities to the donor.

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